The access doors and panels are used in buildings to provide a passageway to either the electrical or the mechanical systems within the structure. These access doors and panels allow you to maintain or repair any fractures or complications that may happen to pipes, wires or any equipment that is within the walls or ceiling of a building.

You can install different types of access panels and doors depending on specific factors to meet your needs and the integrity of the building. The installation can be done while the building is being constructed or added later. If you are planning to install the access panels, it is important to understand the material options available.

Gypsum Access Panels

steel metallic door Gypsum material is composed of glass that has high strength and other minerals, which makes it very strong and lightweight as well. These access panels are usually installed in thin walls because their design is resistant to molds and fungi growth.

Similarly, the gypsum access panels are environmentally friendly because it is composed of materials that can be recycled. When choosing the gypsum access panels, you need to consider the high quality to maintain its functionality in building constructions.

Steel Access Panels

Most of the access doors and panels used in building construction are commonly made of steel. Steel is always a popular choice for constructors because it can resist high temperatures and it is strong as well. The melting point of steel is high; therefore, it is ideal for any type of structure. Manufacturers of the access doors and panels treat the steel differently to become either stainless steel or galvanized steel to attain maximum resistance to corrosion.

In areas that are susceptible to extremely high temperatures or high impact situations, the galvanized and stainless steel are diversely applicable because they perfectly suit any heat conditions. Similarly, the steel panels can fit as a perfect design in industrial and modern styles for aesthetic purposes.

Aluminum Access Panels

If you need the most versatile material of access panels, aluminum is the perfect match since it is capable of being strong, thin and lightweight. Access doors and panels are good for the outdoor purposes or indoor use with high moisture because of its high resistance to corrosion.

Similarly, aluminum is resistant to high temperatures; therefore, it is an excellent material for areas subject to extreme temperature or prone to high levels of humidity. The lightweight property of aluminum allows easy handling and installation.

Plastic Access Panels

wooden access door Plastic material combines both simplicity and strength in its application. The installation process of plastic access doors and panels involves adhesive caulking to fit its position perfectly. When you consider a higher quality plastic, it can be good in stabilizing the UV from direct sunshine.

Plastic access doors and panels are relatively inexpensive as they are sold at the lowest cost compared to other materials. Additionally, the plastic material is resistant to corrosion and fading.  Therefore, they are applicable in areas highly susceptible to high moisture.