Cruise Ship Sexual Abuses

It could not be denied that working on a cruise ship is a dream come true for many individuals probably because cruise ship crews have the opportunity to travel some of the world’s most renowned destinations. The attractive monthly paycheck is another reason why many job seekers aspire to become a cruise ship crew. Not to mention that cruise ship companies offer many benefits.


Sad to say that working on a cruise ship has its own share of downsides too. According to many employees, being a crew on a cruise ship is grueling because of long shifts with little time off. Apart from being exploited, a lot of cruise ship employees are victims of sexual abuses as well. As a matter of fact, sexual abuses are one of the most reported crimes in cruise ships. Note that not only employees but passengers are also victims of cruise ship sexual abuses.  This beg the question, what are the necessary steps to take if you are a victim of sexual abuse on a cruise ship. Keep on reading this article to have an in-depth understanding of how to address sexual exploitations in a cruise ship.

Report the Incident ASAP

ABUSED WOMAN It is crucial that you report the incident right after it happened. Look for the security personnel in charge for these kinds of situations then tell them what had happened. It is very important to report to them immediately because it will be them that will take the initial actions which include securing the area where the incident took place. They will also protect the evidence.

Bear in mind though that the security personnel is not responsible for the investigation. Instead, they need to report the incident to the law enforcement officials like the FBI. It is best though to get in touch with the law enforcement officials by yourself to be on the safe side. Keep in mind that some cruise ship has instructed their security officials to manipulate sexual victims in order to avoid backlashes.

Seek Medical Attention

You should also seek medical attention as soon as possible especially if you are a victim of sexual violence. Have yourself checked in the ship’s infirmary. If the incident happened on the shore side, you could go directly to the nearest hospital. It is important that a board-certified medical professional will look after you because ordinary individuals do not have what it takes to perform a sexual assault forensic examination.

Legal Help

LAWYER Keep in mind that dealing with sexual abuses is a long battle. Hence, it is vital that you seek legal representation. Look for an attorney that take a specialization in helping those who were sexually assaulted on a cruise ship. Make sure that you choose a lawyer that is not only able to prosecute the perpetrator but also help you get the compensation that you deserve. Keep in mind that the cruise ship company have a team of competent lawyers who will fight hard in order for the case to be in favor of their client. Therefore, it is paramount that you make sure that your chosen lawyer have a high success rate in terms of representing sexually abused clients.…