Access doors make the best option when you want to access different areas of a building. There are a variety of these access panels on the market leaving buyers confused on the best option. This article will discuss some of the commonly produced Elmdor access doors. After going through the article, you will have the right details on each type enabling you to make the best choice. Read on.


Drywall access doors should be used on finished drywall. They come with a piano hinge for an easy close. In addition to that, they have rounded safety hedges to prevent injuries. Since they are to be used on drywall, they have a primed finish making it easy for the homeowner to match its painting with that on the house.

This type of access doors is easily used with new constructions or for renovation. They can as well the installed in walls with tile, wood, masonry and any other surface.

Fire Rated

Fire rated access doors are of great help to people looking for security against fire. They are installed on the walls and provide a latch that ensures that the panel remains closed to prevent the fire from spreading to the other rooms. In addition to that, they have a ring attached to the bolt making it easy to access the inside in case of an emergency. The panels can as well be opened from the inside using a latch release slide.

Stainless Steel

Many access panels are made of stainless steel including the drywall and fire rated. It serves efficiently in both circumstances. As well all know stainless steel stands corrosion better compared to non-galvanized steel. Your doors will still look clean even in dump areas. In addition to that, stainless steel is naturally microbial, meaning that they are best for healthcare and food production centers.

With the above information in mind, it becomes easy to choose the best access door as per your needs. The doors are affordable hence you can meet all your needs without breaking the bank. If you are not sure of the type to choose for your property, do not feel shy from contacting professionals who will match your needs with the best access panel. Do not buy an access panel you are not sure of. You will end up disappointed when it does not serve the purpose you intended. Better seek help.